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To All Parishioners of St. Peter’s Parish:


As we reopen the church for public celebration of Mass on 5/29/2020, the weekend mass times are scheduled as follows:

St. Helena’s in Alpine: Saturday 4:00 PM (English Language Service)

St Peter’s in Springerville: Sunday 9:00 AM (English Language Service)

St. Peter’s in Springerville: Sunday 11:00 AM (Bilingual Spanish /English Service)

Confessions: Sunday 8:00 AM-9:00 AM prior to Mass


All parishioners are encouraged to spread attendance over these mass times and location:

This will avoid excess numbers at any given mass. As we joyfully resume services, we continue to strive to care for one another by observing recommendations that allow for the safety of the vulnerable and observe proper social distancing.


Please remember if you are ILL OR AT RISK PLEASE STAY AT HOME. As Bishop Wall reminds us in his letter of 5/23/2020, “In order to stay safe, it’s important to err on the side of caution. This is an act of charity and will assist everyone in this time of pandemic. Those who have access to social media should continue to stream the Mass for those who choose to remain at home, especially those ill or in a high-risk category.”


We shall mark the pews for proper distancing in our sitting arrangement in the church.

Communion will be ONLY in the hand only and Only the Sacred Body of the Lord. Please maintain 6 feet between parishioners as you line up for communion.

To keep recommendations of social distancing, altar servers will not serve at this time.

There will be no Procession of gifts to the altar. One assigned usher will present the collection to the altar.

The Sign of Peace should be without human touch, such as a small bow or wave.

Please DO NOT CONGREGATE in groups inside the building – move through the Narthex so as to avoid a bottle neck. IF desiring to visit, please do so outside with recommended social distancing.

Please respect and care for one another by wearing a mask and maintaining 6 feet distance.  This is strongly recommended as a sign of our desire to do our part in helping prevent others from potential contagion.  (Masks are not recommended for children less than 2 years of age).

Only the church will be utilized for mass. Please be respectful of closed areas.

Restrooms in the narthex will be available for use.

Frequently touched surfaces and areas will be cleaned between all Masses.

Donations Requested: As you may be aware hand sanitizer and approved cleansing wipes remain in short supply. If you have excess and are able to share, donations are gratefully accepted at the church office on Monday and Wednesday between 8:00-12:00 Noon


God Bless,

Rev. Anselm Amadi



Page 2.

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 5, 2020






7/05/20 thru 7/11/20




   9:00am. +Cruz Milligan.








   9:00am. +John Joe McNally.



   9:00am. +Frank Orona.



   9:00am. +Stephen Collins.



   9:00am. +Bill McMahon.



   9:00am. Father Sean Emerson.



   9:00am. +Carrie McAteer.








   Sunday Offering……………………..…$1570.00

   Children’s Fund…………………...……$N/A

   Capital Fund………………………………$2837.00




   General Fund:…………………….…….$2623.08

   Capital Fund:……………………………….$00.00

   Children’s Fund:…………………………..$00.00


The Quarterly Financial Report is Available in

The Church Office for Review



Church Secretary; Eileen Furman

Office Telephone: 928-333-4423




Please contact Monica Boehning at 333-5539 for prayer requests. Leave a message if no answer, include your name and phone number, with info.




   Eileen Tyrrell, Rebeka Talbot,

   Charles Rand, Roxanne Chavez, Ricky Barraza,

   Lily Hill, Susie Apodaca, Confie LeSuer,

   Pat  & Victor Rubalcaba, Bernice Chavez,

   Maria Morales,Teresa Barbier, Richard Pena,

   Clara Archuletta, Judy Bragg, Dolores Jackson,

   Jessica Williams, Eva Orona,

   Sophie Montoya, Joe Tapia,

   Juanito Quevedo, Krystna Kocol,

   Irene Moya, Lydia Gonzalez.




   Gift Shop is open every Sunday after the

   9:00 am Mass or Contact;

   Dean Smith at 928-853-6307









Weekly Events

Currently Suspended

Due to COVID


 Baptism Preparation Classes to be Determined.



 Sacrament of Reconciliation:

 8:00am – 8:50am.

 Rosary before Mass.

 CCD classes after 9:00am Mass.



 SPANISH MASS: 11:00am



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 C.C.D. Classes 4:00pm.

 RCIA Classes: 7:00pm.



 9:00am Mass

 Church Cleaning.

 Spanish Choir Practice, 7:00pm 8:30pm.



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 6:30pm English Choir practice in church



 Rosary before mass.

 7:00pm Mass.

 7:00pm Baptism classes in Spanish, 2nd Thursday

 of the month.



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 7:00pm Stations of the Cross every Friday During Lent.

 Eucharistic Adoration; First Friday of the Month.



 9:00am Mass.


   St. Helena Parish, Alpine, Az.



 Confessions, 3:30pm

 Mass 4:00 pm




Pastoral Adminstrator

               Rev. Fr. Anselm Amadi

Rectory Telephone: 928-333-4707

Emergencies Only; 505-906-8421



Pastoral Council:


Lora Harrison  - (928) 333-0148


Esmerelda Ontiveros   - (928) 812-0049


Building Committee:


Jackielyn Harrington


Finance Council:


Jackielyn Harrington

Finance Secretary:

Ed Fritz - (928) 333-5919




Altar Servers: Tasheena James…….

Eucharistic Ministers:

Charles Rand………………………….…..….(928) 333-3541

Church Cleaning: Vacant.

Funeral Director: Diane Fritz………….(928) 333-5919

Lectors: Mary DiFilippo……….………….(928) 333-3338

Maintenance: Vacant.

Music Director: Bob Dyson………….…(928) 333-2809

RCIA: Deacon Jorge Campos………….(928) 333-2150

Religious Ed. Devon Ditmore………….(928) 333-0148

Ushers: Jim Morrison……………………...(928) 333-0928

Sacristans: Elizabeth Ketring,………...(928) 551-6003

St. Vincent De Paul Org…………………..(928) 333-4879

Prayer Tree: Monica Boehning……..…(928) 333-5539





Altar Servers:


   9:00am. No Servers Assigned Due to

                 Phase One Reopening.





  9:00am. Brooke Becker.

11:00am. To be appt.



Eucharistic Ministers:


   9:00am. No Eucharistic Ministers

                 Due to Phase One Reopening.






Holy Father’s Prayer Intention:


July, 2020


Our Families

We pray that today’s families may be accompanied with love,

respect and guidance.







·         Mass Attendance Options: Please remember that the chancellor of the Diocese of Gallup  has recommended that best practice for safety in Mass attendance is:

1. Keeping our attendance at less than 25 % capacity.

2. Continued practice of physical distancing with minimum of 6 feet between people (unless residents of same household).

3. Remember wearing a mask is an “act of charity to others”.

Please take advantage of the three options for weekend mass so that we can spread out and increase our congregation’s safety. Our attendance count at the 9:00 Mass at St. Peter’s in Springerville has been averaging 72 people which is 20% capacity. The 11:00 AM mass in Springerville is averaging 14 people or 4% of capacity. If you are concerned and want to optimize physical distancing please consider changing your mass attendance schedule. There is also an option of attending mass at St. Helena’s Church in Alpine at 4:00 PM on Saturday- masks are mandatory there due to the smaller facility size. If you are at high risk it is advised that you stay at home and attend mass by virtual means. The mass is available streamed live from the Diocese of Gallup at 11:00 AM on Sundays and 11:30 AM on Weekdays at:  There are also many televised options- we care about you and want you to remain safe.

·         Yard Sale: There will be a Yard Sale of Household Items. Proceeds will go toward new Rectory Building Fund. Thank you to Eileen Tyrell for her leadership in this undertaking.

§         Date: Friday July 17, 2020

§         Time 7:00 AM- 1:00 PM

§         Location: In front of the ”Red House “(Prior rectory- adjacent to the church on N. Papago Street in Springerville).




·         Living Hope Centers:  LH has had to cancel most events key to keeping this important ministry financially sound!  We may do a church baby-bottle-drive or diaper-drive later this year, but sadly the Walk-for-Life and Dinner Banquet will not occur in 2020.  Yet still YOU CAN HELP by going on-line to attend their Virtual Gala Video event at: there you will be able to watch an inspiring message by nationally featured speaker, Pam Stenzel, about her experience in changing teenage attitudes on sex, pregnancy, & STD rates.  Below the video is an optional button where attendees can give tax-deductible donations, which are desperately needed at this time.  And your prayers for this Pro-Life Christian ministry are always welcome - Thank You!





Page 3.


(Zech. 9:9-10; Rom. 8:9, 11-13; Mt. 11:25-30)



INTRODUCTION: The prophet Zechariah invites us to rejoice in view of the coming of the Lord. He comes, riding on an ass; not on horseback as would earthly kings and warlords. Instead, the Messiah will come in meekness and humility to end war and destroy instruments of warfare. He is coming to establish peace for his people. Then, the yoke and burdens weighing people down will be no more. He will give rest to our souls. This peaceful repose is the true Sabbath to which the Old Testament Sabbath rest points.

THE SECRET OF THE KINGDOM: The kingdom of God is already among us (Lk.17:27), but many are yet to recognize it. This is so because the principles of this kingdom are at variance with those of the world. In God’s standard, the humble, the meek and the poor are counted great and blessed, while in the worldly stance, the reverse is true. In the prophecy of Zechariah, the one who is coming to rule, rides on an ass; he is humble and yet victorious. Here lies the secret: humility and meekness wins the battle while childlike simplicity endows one with greatness.

 When Christ praises God for revealing the secret of the kingdom to mere children, he means those who are childlike in simplicity of heart and in their dependence on the heavenly Father. To such belongs the kingdom of heaven and its secrets. Hence: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Mt. 19:14). In Jewish wisdom tradition, it was not those who were wise in their own eyes and learned in their own understanding that were genuinely wise, but the simple who has fear of God. The psalmist says: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding” (Ps. 111:10).  Again, the proverb of Solomon says: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Prov. 1:7). The secret wisdom of God is revealed to the childlike and simple minded.

THE GREAT INVITATION: “Come to me all who labor and are overburdened.” Here Jesus invites all who suffer under the yoke of the law and sin to come and embrace the gift of grace. The yoke was an image of the Law of Moses which has become a heavy load, given the multiple regulations teachers have created from it. Jesus condemns this attitude in strong terms: “They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to lift a finger to move them” (Mt. 23:4). Christ invites all who labor under such yoke of the Law to the throne of grace.

Again, there is the burden of sin and its consequences weighing heavily on people. The psalmist testifies that the burden of sin is heavy: “For my iniquities have gone over my head; like a heavy burden, they are too heavy for me” (Ps. 38:4). Our Lord breaks the yoke of sin and casts its burden from us. A man was under this yoke for 38 years until Christ came and freed him (Jn. 5:8). Since this took place on a Sabbath, the Law did not permit him to carry his mat. As it were, the Law held him down but grace lifted him up. It is not only the Law but his sins. Hence, Jesus says to him afterwards: “Now you are well, sin no more, else something worse will happen to you” (Jn 5:14). He also frees the paralytic from his burden of sin saying: “Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven” (Mt. 9:2).

THE TRUE SABBATH REST: God commands earthly rest from labor on the Sabbath day to the people of the Old Testament, but Jesus promises spiritual rest from our spiritual burdens in the new order of grace. The soul that finds Christ is like a deer that escapes from the hunter’s chase and comes to the flowing stream, where it takes a peaceful repose.

Christ’s promise of rest to those who come to him reminds us of God’s day of rest after the work of creation. It is an invitation to both temporal and eternal rest after the fatigue of our earthly work.  The Sabbath day rest is a temporal representation of eternal rest in heaven. The Christian life itself is like a journey through the desert en route to a better homeland. The struggles that characterize the spiritual life could be likened to a week’s labor tending towards the Sabbath rest and repose.

The rest which Jesus promises is not first of all a physical rest but a life of peaceful repose in him. It is eternal life begun. It is both a present earthly experience and a pledge of a future heavenly goal. It is a foretaste of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the beginning of eternity in time.

 CONCLUSION: The truth remains that sin comes with a guilt complex. We may suppress but cannot erase it. Suppressed guilt is the heaviest burden and the worst form of yoke. We cannot deny this reality. This fact explains the high rate of suicide in the face technological advancement and easy life. Because of our guilt, we eat and drink without relish; we laugh without joy, and sleep without repose. True fulfillment is spiritual and comes from Christ. There is a fundamental gap yearning to be filled, in this lies our true peace, fulfillment and rest. Unless we answer the call: “Come to me all you who labor and are overburdened” there is no rest for the human soul. The deepest dimension of our being is made by God for union with himself. In this intrinsic relationship with God lies our peace.