Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time







               07/23/17 – 07/28/17




   9:00am. +Minnie Krick offered by Dave & Judy Krick.


   Spanish Mass:


   11:00am. +Salvtore Pizzuto offered by

                    Margaret Roper.



   9:00am. Edward Gerlach offered by

                Lora Harrison.



   9:00am. +Salvatore Priotti offered by

                  Ron & Katy Guida.



   9:00am.  +Domingo Ibe Mangio



   9:00am. +Paul Sullivan offered by Ginny Reno.







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   Gift Shop…………………………………………..$90.00




   General Fund…….…………………….…..$1406.50


The Quarterly Financial Report is Available in

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   Susie Apodacqa,

   Juanito Quevedo, Criss Candelaria, Krystna Kocol,

   Louis Sena, Helen Chavez, Sandy Rogers, Dorothy

   Orona, Susie Silva, Irene Moya,

   Lydia Gonzalez, Eva Orona, Flora Castillo,


Please Contact Monica Boehning at 333-5539 for

prayers, requests. Leave a message if no answer,

include your name and phone number with info.




   Gift Shop is open every Sunday after the

   9:00 am Mass or Contact;

   Dean & Mary Smith at (928) 853-6848









 Sacrament of Reconciliation:

 8:00am – 8:50am.

 Rosary before Mass.

 CCD classes. (Summer Break)


 English Mass, 9:00am



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 C.C.D. Classes 4:00pm. (Summer Break)



 Church Cleaning.

 Spanish Choir Practice 7:00pm - 8:30pm.



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 6:30pm English Choir practice in church



 Rosary before mass.

 6:00 pm Mass.

 7:00pm Baptism classes in Spanish, 2nd Thursday

 of the month.



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 Eucharistic Adoration; First Friday of the Month.


   St. Helena Parish, Alpine, Az.



 Confessions, 3:30pm

 Mass 4:00 pm




Altar Servers: Hunter Fullen……...(928) 333-1154

Eucharistic Ministers:

Charles Rand………………………….…..…(928) 333-3541

Choir: Bob Dyson………………..……..….(928) 333-2809

Church Cleaning: Norma Gonzalez.(928) 333-1916

Lectors: Mary DiFilippo……….…………(928) 333-3338

Religious Ed. Devon Ditmore…………(928) 333-0148

Ushers: Jim Morrison…………………....(928) 333-0928

Sacristans: Elizabeth Ketring,……....(928) 551-6003

Maintenance: Jim Ochoa………………(928) 333-3590

Prayer Tree Partners:

Monica Boehning…………….……….……(928) 333-5539




Altar Servers:


   9:00am. To be appointed.




    9:00am Charles Rand.


   11:00am Lupe Gonzalez.


Eucharistic Ministers:


   9:00am. Ed & Diane Fritz,

                  Jerry & Laura Logan.








JULY, 2017


That our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith, through our prayer and witness to the Gospel, may rediscover the merciful closeness of the Lord and the beauty of the Christian life.




DEAR PARISHIONERS, please keep all of the teens and young adults going to Steubenville Catholic youth conference in San Diego next week (7/27-7/30) in your prayers. If there is anyone wishing to make a private donation or sponsor a youth for this conference you can do so in the church office.


YOUTH CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS: Nic Salazar, Tyler Pena, Brian Yellowhorse-Christiansen, Brandon James, CJ Verdugo, Hunter Fullen, Bella Salazar, Jaque Beltran, Elly Ditmore, Madison Storms, Lauren Storms, Jessica Campos.


ALTAR NEEDS: We are replacing our old chalice ($500) and ciborium ($400) with new ones for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. If anyone would like to give a donation toward this project it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you as always for your kind generosity!


BAPTISMS: Congratulations on the decision to baptize your child into the Catholic faith! We are here to help you with the process. Please call or stop by the office and we will be happy to get you started. Travel plans for out of town guests should not be made until a date for the baptism is confirmed by the parish staff. We look forward to hearing from you. Baptisms are the 3rd Sunday of every month.


SICK AND HOMEBOUND: We are blessed to have a group of volunteers in our parish who are happy to bring Holy Communion to the sick, the hospitalized and the homebound. Please call the parish office to make arrangements. If you or your loved one would like for a priest to visit with the Sacrament of Anointing, please do not hesitate to call us.


IT IS TIME FOR OUR ANNUAL BULLETIN ADVERTISEMENT RENEWAL. If you want to keep your Ad in the bulletin or if you would like to buy one for your business for the fiscal 2017/2018 year please send your $50.00 payment to PO Box 1566 Springerville, AZ 85938 along with any information you would like. You may also bring it to the church office. One of the many ways our Catholic Community survives financially is by the assistance we graciously receive from businesses that support us within our community of Round Valley. Thank you for your sponsorship! We encourage our parishioners to support the businesses that support us!




Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Only the patient and forgiving can sing: “We shall overcome.” All too often we feel used by others and conclude that violent retaliation is the order of the day. We are betrayed by others, even loved ones, and reason that only revenge is the proper reaction. We are often hurt by the actions and words of others and judge that to hurt in turn is the right antidote. Yet only the patient and forgiving can sing: “We shall overcome.”

In the first reading, the Jews in Alexandria experienced pain and frustration. The Pagan Egyptians mocked them and even persecuted them (Wis 1:16-2:14). To the question, “Yes, but a God of mercy as well!” This God manages to control both justice and clemency so that blind rage does not result. In turn, the author exhorts his fellow Jews to exercise restraint by being kind and to offer hope by forgiving. For the author of Wisdom only the patient and forgiving can sing, “We shall overcome.”

In the responsorial psalm the setting appears to be one in which the people of Israel have rebelled yet were forgiven (Exod 32-34). Despite the present suffering and pain the psalmist pleads for the Lord’s forgiveness. To bolster his petition, the author underlines the Lord’s covenantal credentials: “good and forgiving” (v.5), “steadfast love/kindness” (v.5), “merciful and gracious” (v.15), and “abounding in steadfast love/kindness and fidelity” (v.15). In the context of today’s liturgy the faithful are challenged to emulate their God’s capacity to forgive. They too are to abound in steadfast love and mercy by offering forgiveness to all offenders. Only the patient and forgiving can sing: “We shall overcome.”

In the gospel Jesus realizes that the kingdom is no utopia. Both good and evil coexist-and not peacefully. Confronted by attacks, he yet recommends the policy of the wise farmer to overcome evil with good. To check one’s wrath in the face of the weeds means to protect the common good. To refuse to yield to rage implies hope for future repentance. For Jesus, only the patient and forgiving can sing: “We shall overcome.”

How can we embody this message today? The married person who, while remaining firm, chooses to forgive his or her spouse has captured Jesus’ liberating message. Parents who exercise long-suffering and patience with their family have grasped Jesus’ understanding of freedom. Those who demonstrate tolerance and compassion in their jobs and personal lives have uncovered Jesus’ strategy for the kingdom. Priests and religious who prefer pardon to revenge and understanding to retaliation have accepted Jesus’ manner of self-assertion. These and similar people maintain that only the patient and forgiving can sing: “We shall overcome.”

We proclaim this message whenever we celebrate the Eucharist. For it is in the sacrament that we see a Jesus who exercised forgiveness and understanding at the time of the passion. The Eucharist offers a Jesus who continues to pray: “my blood of the covenant, which will be shed on behalf of many for the forgiveness of sins” (Matt 26:28). The Eucharist demonstrates that to die to self in forgiveness is to experience the ultimate human liberation. The Eucharist, too, proclaims that only the patient and forgiving can sing: “We shall overcome.”

                                                                             John F. Craghan