Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time







10/14/18 thru 10/19/18





   9:00am. +Teresa Dyson offered by Bob Dyson.



   11:00am. +Isabelle Kobel offered by John Kobel.





   9:00am. +Kobel & Clara families offered by

                   John Kobel.



   9:00am: +Benjamin Kolly offered by Gloria Parente

                   & Carole DeFrancesco.



   9:00am. Len & Marie Swiatkowski offered by

                 Ada & Elviro Marzulli.



   9:00am. +Sal & Wanda Ruspantini offered by

                  Ann & Rudy Dicarlo.








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   Children’s Fund…………………………..$73.19

   Capital Fund………………………………….$79.86

   Children’s Fund………………………….$1645.21


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   Violet Mills, Jessica Williams, Clara Archuletta,

   Judy Bragg, Steve Villers, Dolores Jackson.

   Juanito Quevedo, Krystna Kocol, Criss Candelaria,

   Sandy Rogers, Irene Tyrell, Irene Moya,

   Lydia Gonzalez, Eva Orona, Charlie Orona, Joe Tapia,

   Marge Tapia, Cruz Milligan, Confie Lesuer.


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 Sacrament of Reconciliation:

 8:00am – 8:50am.

 Rosary before Mass.

 CCD classes after 9:00am Mass.



 SPANISH MASS: 11:00am



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 C.C.D. Classes 4:00pm.

 RCIA Classes: 7:00pm.



 Church Cleaning.

 Spanish Choir Practice, 7:00pm 8:30pm.



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 6:30pm English Choir practice in church



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00 am Mass.

 7:00pm Baptism classes in Spanish, 2nd Thursday

 of the month.



 Rosary before mass.

 9:00am Mass

 Eucharistic Adoration; First Friday of the Month.


   St. Helena Parish, Alpine, Az.



 Confessions, 3:30pm

 Mass 4:00 pm




Altar Servers: Hunter Fullen……...(928) 333-1154

Eucharistic Ministers:

Charles Rand………………………….…..….(928) 333-3541

Choir: Bob Dyson……………….……..……(928) 333-2809

Church Cleaning: Norma Gonzalez…(928) 333-1916

Lectors: Mary DiFilippo……….………….(928) 333-3338

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Ushers: Jim Morrison……………………...(928) 333-0928

Sacristans: Elizabeth Ketring,………...(928) 551-6003


Prayer Tree: Monica Boehning…….…(928) 333-5539




Altar Servers:


   9:00am. Janaeh Amavisca, Paige

                 Baldwin, Lauren Storms.




     9:00am. Charles Rand.

   11:00am. Sandra Flores.


Eucharistic Ministers:


   9:00am. Elizabeth Ketring, Jeri &

                 Laura Logan, Joy Merriweather.






October 2018


Universal – Young People in Africa

That young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.



THANK YOU to Hunter Fullen, Lexi Fullen and Tom Vanzant for closing the windows in the Hall!


BILINGUAL TEACHING ASSISTANTS/HELPERS: CCD is looking for bilingual teaching assistants/helpers on Mondays at 4:00pm, grades k-4th. If you are interested in helping please contact Devin at 928-245-5382.


PRAYING THE ROSARY: Every morning at 8:30 during the month of October we will be praying a rosary.


SPECIAL COLLECTION: Next Sunday there will be a special collection for World Mission.


SAFETY/SECURITY COMMITTEE MEETING: Tuesday, October 16, 7:00pm in the Hall.

Questions: Bryon Harrington 928-245-0494.


FALL FESTIVAL: Saturday, October 27th.  If you are interested in helping please contact Carlie in the office.


FALL FESTIVAL NEEDS: Pumpkins, hot dogs and buns, small bags of chips and cakes for the cakewalk. We would love to have parishioners that are willing to do a trunk-or-treat for the kids during this time as well! Thank you, as always, for your generosity! If you would like to help with anything like hanging fliers, running games, selling bracelets etc please contact Carlie in the office.:


HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION: Thursday, November 1st, All Saints Day, is a holy day of obligation. There will be mass in Alpine 4:00pm and Springerville 7:00pm.


FAITHFUL DEPARTED: Friday, November 2nd, Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed, Mass in Springerville at 9:00am.


PRAY FOR THE SAFETY of our brothers and sisters in NICARAGUA, especially the priests and bishops who are risking their lives to try to keep so many safe from harm during this difficult time.



Fall Festival

St. Peter’s Catholic


203 E. Apache St. Springerville, Az.

Saturday, October 26,

3:00pm to 6:00pm


$5.00 /Bracelet at the door includes

Halloween Costume Contest,

Cake Walk, trunk or  Treat ,

Carnival Games!


Pumpkin Contest;



Snack Bar;

$1.00 Soda & Water

$2.00 Popcorn or Nachos

$3.00 Cotton Candy


$5.00 Hot Dog Meal:

comes with Hot Dog

Drink & Chips!




Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time:


Sometimes, it’s good to take time out and ask ourselves, “How are we doing?” “How am I doing?” As a Christian, am I making wise choices that help me in my commitment to follow Christ? Or, am I a Christian in name only? How much does my faith in Christ influence my daily life? Well, perhaps reflecting on today’s readings can help answer these questions.

From the book of Wisdom, we are urged to pray for just that, wisdom. But, what is wisdom? Well, the dictionary tells us that wisdom is the ability to discern what is true or right and to make sound judgements based on that discernment. We all know people whom we would consider wise. They may not be the most learned or erudite of individuals, but they are able to live their lives in harmony with their values. Wisdom is a gift from God, more precious than any form of material wealth. And so, with the church today we pray for this gift, for it is wisdom that guides us on the right path to following Christ.

The brief selection from the letter to the Hebrews extols the word of God as “able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart.” The ability to discern, as noted earlier, comes with the gift of wisdom, and its source is the word of God. This gift calls for accountability. We are responsible for the way we receive this gift and make it effective in our lives. As the text says, “We must render an account.” And, in our discernment, we need this powerful reminder.

In today’s gospel Jesus meets a seeker, a man who desires to know how to live in order to “inherit eternal life.” Jesus’ answer is basic: keep the commandments. But, when the man declares that he has done so from his youth, Jesus then invites him into a deeper relationship. The man is to be a follower of Christ, letting go of worldly possessions and material goods while desiring only the treasure that heaven can give. The young man, however, is not ready to make such a commitment. Then we read some of the gospel’s hardest words, “He went away sad, for he had many possessions.” The young man’s wealth kept him from the joy and fulfillment he could have experienced as one of Jesus’ closest friends.

As we hear the words of Christ in today’s gospel, we are invited to apply its message to our own lives. And so, let us return to our opening question: “Are we…” No, “Am I making choices that help me in my commitment to follow Christ?” The words of Jesus challenge us. The acquisition of wealth feels so good, for it means security, social prominence, power, and prestige. But, it can also become the focus of a person’s life. Security in possessions and money can thus pull us away from our dependence and trust in God, who is the true source of life here and hereafter.

We are invited to heed Jesus’ teaching, which warns about the danger of making wealth the focus of one’s life. Wealth can be lost in an instant. Natural disaster, dishonesty, of just plain, dumb luck can always turn the tide on one’s fortune. Hence, wealth will never be secure, and as such it’ll never cease to be a constant worry to the one who possesses it. Such preoccupation can then, of course, prevent a person from developing true, altruistic human relationships. But, worse of all, it can keep one from remembering that everything we are and have is a gift from our loving and gracious God. People may say with pride, “Everything I have, I earned!” But where did they get the ability or the opportunity to earn? Life itself is a gift. We don’t deserve it; we don’t earn it. It is pure gift, enabling us to live and to serve our sisters and brothers in our one human family.

As we return once more to our opening questions, it is good that we face them directly. If we can say honestly that we have given real attention to our call to follow Christ, the one who gave his life for all, we are blessed. And, for this blessing, we give thanks. May we persevere in our service to others with generous hearts. On the other hand, our reflection may cause us to be aware of missed opportunities. Perhaps we’ve been so wrapped up in our own struggles that we have forgotten the struggles of others. Nevertheless, our merciful God understands our weaknesses and forgives our failures. May we do better.

And so, as I said before, our scripture readings today can help us with the questions we asked at the beginning of our reflection together. May our honest answers give us insight as we strive to live our days as followers of Christ.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Margaret Michaud, OSB